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Online Since 1998, the Worldwide Composites Search Engine has indexed thousands of composite related websites. We offer industry Newsfeeds, Advertising Opportunities, SEO services, Technical Website Design and Hosting and the largest database of composites related websites on the internet.

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Online since 1998, the Worldwide Composites Search Engine is devoted to the materials, processes and companies involved in the Composites Industry. Our search engine only contains information on companies and products which we deem are relevant to the composites industry. All submissions to the database are reviewed by our staff. As an example, associations, manufacturers, component fabricators, distributors and services involved with Advanced Composites (Kevlar®, Graphite, Fiberglass) prepregs, fabrics, tow, braiding, film adhesives, potting compounds, core materials, autoclave, vacuum bonding, sandwich panels would all be acceptable additions to our database.

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Hood Manufacturing Inc. – Fiberglass Fabrication

HMI is a fiberglass job shop specializes in fiberglass spray-up molding, fiberglass hand lay-up molding, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Vacuum...

SDM Technology – Platen Presses

Since 1982 SDM Technology has manufactured custom platen presses for a wide array of customers. Our unique design and 95%...

Pacific Panels – Sandwich Panel Specialist

PACIFIC PANELS INC. builds a full range of structural panels manufactured from a variety of lightweight, high strength materials. We...

ACP Composites is a pioneer in composite technology.

ACP Composites is a pioneer in composite technology, and we have been providing innovative solutions to our customers since 1985....

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