Search Engine Optimization Services

Deltronix Enterprises has designed, programmed and operates our own search engine. This unique experience, helps with Search Engine Placement and Optimization (SEO). Online since 1998, the search engine indexes sites for the composites industry. We have the largest database of composite related websites on the internet that is accessible at . We also have available an email distribution list with over 12,000 composite related members.

As a client of Deltronix, you receive a free 3 month banner ad on the Worldwide Composites Search Engine with your renewal. Additional advertising time on WWC can be purchased for continued exposure of your website to our visitors.

Your website maybe on the internet, but can your customers find you? Most users use a search engine to try and locate web sites on internet. A search engine consists of a large database of web pages which are indexed according to specific criteria. The location of your site in the index helps determine the placement in the output results of the search engine. But what determines placement in these indices? The answer depends on the search engine programming routines and the design, layout and coding of your website. By knowing the indexing routines we can hopefully help place your web site higher in the search index, resulting in increased traffic to your web site.

Our SEO program does this through organic ( natural placement ) means. We will not spam search engine databases, place links, or distribute unsolicited emails which can get a website banned and indexed out of the larger search engines.

There are many factors influencing the possible placement of your web site in a search engine. NO ONE (besides the search engine owners) can guarantee placement of your site in the search results. Each search engine is run by an independent company which can choose to place your site anywhere in the results or choose to not even include your website in their index. Many times a simple database re-indexing can change your position within the given search results. In some cases, even the search word typed in case (UPPER or lower case) keyword can vary your results.

What We Will Do: Determine a mixture of keywords for the composites industry as related to the products which your firm manufactures. By using our programming expertise, we will be adding a Dynamic SEO Program to your website. This is a specially designed proprietary program developed by Deltronix for the display of keyword and content information to visiting search engine spiders. Spiders are automated programs sent by search engines to index your website. The data they gather, which includes specially coded information within your webpage, is stored in our program. This stored information includes such information as keywords, key phrases, descriptions, page titles and the webpage name. All of these data points can be easily edited (by you if desired) allowing for control of the background information that will be indexed by the search engine spiders. By allowing this modification of data, we can easily change what the spiders ‘see’, index and display to users of their search engine. Hence, a variety of placement options can be experimented with, until desired placement results are obtained.

The composite products that you are selling are of a highly technical nature. We perform the usual 'legal' submissions to search engines, directories, Link sites etc. as part of our service. However, the specialized nature of your products, and the knowledge base of the intended users (Engineers, technicians etc.), usually leads them to one of the larger search engines. Hence, we concentrate in this area. Engineers will probably not be using their browser to visit social networking sites during work!

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