‘Ultralight Crystalline Hybrid Composite Material For Highly Efficient Sequestration Of Radioiodine – Nature.com’

Nature.com Feb 10, 2024

Considering the importance of sustainable nuclear energy effective management of radioactive nuclear waste such as sequestration of radioiodine has inflicted a significant research attention in recent years. Despite the fact that materials have been reported for the adsorption of iodine development of effective adsorbent with significantly improved segregation properties for widespread practical applications still remain exceedingly difficult due to lack of proper design strategies. Herein utilizing unique hybridization synthetic strategy a composite crystalline aerogel material has been fabricated by covalent stepping of an amino-functionalized stable cationic discrete metal-organic polyhedra with dual-pore containing imine-functionalized covalent organic framework. The ultralight hybrid composite exhibits large surface area with hierarchical macro-micro porosity and multifunctional binding sites which collectively interact with iodine. The developed nano-adsorbent demonstrate ultrahigh vapor and aqueous-phase iodine adsorption capacities of 9.988201g.g87221 and 4.748201g.g87221 respectively in static conditions with fast adsorption kinetics high retention efficiency reusability and recovery. The development of effective adsorbents of radioiodine nuclear waste remains difficult due to the lack of proper material design strategies. Here the authors report an ultralight hierarchically porous crystalline multifunctional hybrid nanocomposite for ultrafast entrapment of iodine and polyiodide species under both static and dynamic condition.

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