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LECTRA: Lectra Releases DiaminoFurniture V6R2

GlobeNewswire via Yahoo! Finance Jan 26 08:54 am 

PARIS -- Lectra the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials-fabrics leather technical textiles and composite materials-is pleased to announce DiaminoFurniture ...

Composite Materials Printed With Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing System

the Engineer Jan 20 01:38 am 

Engineers at Bristol University have developed an ultrasonic additive manufacturing system that prints composite materials in 3D. According to the university the technology will soon enable a much greater range of items to be 3D printed at home on a small budget. The study published in Smart Materials and Structures creates and demonstrates a novel a

LECTRA: New Twins Chooses Lectra Fashion PLM

GlobeNewswire via Yahoo! Finance Jan 19 09:05 am 

PARIS -- Lectra the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials-fabrics leather technical textiles and composite materials-is pleased to announce that ...

Armor Materials Market Worth 10.54 Billion USD By 2020

PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance Jan 15 09:15 am 

PUNE India January 15 2016 PRNewswire -- The report quotArmor Materials Market by type Metals Alloy Ceramic Composite Para-Aramid Fibers UHMWPE Fiberglas by Application Vehicle Aerospace ...

It's A 3-D Printer, But Not As We Know It

Science Daily Jan 19 12:14 pm 

3-D printing techniques have quickly become some of the most widely used tools to rapidly design and build new components. A team of engineers has developed a new type of 3-D printing that can print composite materials which are used in many high performance products such as tennis rackets golf clubs and airplanes. This technology will soon enable a much greater range of things to be 3-D ...

Research And Markets: Composite Materials Market To 2020 – Composite Materials Have Considerable Potential To Increase …

Business Wire Jan 13 07:33 am 

DUBLIN--BUSINESS WIRE--Research and Markets httpwww.researchandmarkets.comresearch3w7d5j composite has announced the addition of the quot Composite Materials Market by Material Type PMC MMC amp CMC Application amp their Sub-Components Structural Powertrain Interior Exterior amp Other Applications Vehicle Type PC LCV HCV amp Rolling Stock amp by Region - Global Forecast to 2020 ...

Dong Sung CORP. Is Leading High Strength And Lightweight Composite Materials Technology With CFRTP

PlasticsNet Jan 20 04:56 am 

Dong Sung CORP. succeeded in developing CFRTP CFRTP Carbon fiber-reinforced Thermoplastics technology and leading the growth of the composite materials industry pdivdiv classcompText p classa class ml-15 hrefhttpdailypress.feedsportal.comc34257f623203s4cc7831bsc28l0L0Sdailypress0N0Cnews0Cscience0Cdp0Enws0Egreen0Eaviation0Ebillions0E20A160A110A0Estory0Bhtmlstory01.htm titleNASA Green aviation technology could save industry 255 billionNASA Green aviation technology could save indus...a span class fc-2nd - Daily Pressspan

Biodegradable Bodies For More Eco-friendly Robots

Reuters UK Jan 19 09:16 am 

Scientists from the Italian Institute of Technology are developing 39smart materials39 that could lead to robots that will decompose like a human body once they39ve reached the end of their life-span.

Solvay Signs Distribution Agreement For Baltic States

materialstoday Jan 12 04:55 am 

Solvayatrades vacuum bagging films part of the range of products being distributed by Bang Bonsomer Group. Solvay has signed an exclusive distribution agreement between its composite materials global business unit and Bang Bonsomer Group.

OC To Acquire Finnish Firm

The Toledo Blade Jan 21 09:12 pm 

Owens Corning announced plans Thursday to acquire part of a Helsinki-based firm that manufactures fiber-glass composite materials.

Heavy Fermions Get Nuclear Boost On Way To Superconductivity

EurekAlert! Jan 28 12:05 pm 

Rice University Physicists from the United States Germany and China have made a surprising discovery that the arrangement of atomic nuclei spins helps bring about superconductivity in ytterbium dirhodium disilicide one of the most-studied materials in a class of quantum critical compounds known as 39heavy fermions.39

Atira To Develop Space Components For SAC

The Times of India Jan 24 10:23 pm 

The Ahmedabad Textile Industry39s Research Association Atira is set to enter the space technology and applications sector. Atira recently signed a five-year MoU with Space Application Centre SAC of Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO for the development of satellite payload component-hardware using composite-advanced materials for application a SAC. pdivdiv classcompText p classa class ml-15 hrefhttpwww.newswise.comarticlesview645476scrssn titleNew Research Could Help Build Better Fighter Planes and Space ShuttlesNew Research Could Help Build Better Fighter Pla...a span class fc-2nd - Newswisespan

Thanks To Cheaper, Stronger Composite Materials, Personal Submarines Are More Common Than Ever

Digital Trends via Yahoo! Sports Jan 05 02:35 pm 

History books may mark the end of the Age of Discovery as occurring in the 1700s but the edges of our map just keep expanding. Whereas Columbus depended upon coffers of Spanish gold to send him across the world todayatrades explorers depend on something much more valuable a technology. Weatradeve explored space with our shuttles the aerial landscape with drones and now you can live your own version ...

How Seashells Get Their Strength

Science Daily Jan 10 11:59 am 

Seashells and lobster claws are hard to break but chalk is soft enough to draw on sidewalks. Though all three are made of calcium carbonate crystals the hard materials include clumps of soft biological matter that make them much stronger. A new study reveals how soft clumps get into crystals and endow them with remarkable strength.