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‘Guangwei Composites And Donghua University Launch The Civil Aviation Composite Materials Joint Laboratory – JEC – JEC Composites’

JEC Composites May 29, 2024

The Joint Laboratory of Civil Aviation Composite Materials is jointly established by Guangwei Composites and Donghua University. It will combine the strengths of Guangwei Composites in terms of production marketing and industrialization in the field of carbon fibre and composite materials with the advanced knowledge of Donghua University in theoryhellip

‘Developing Bio-based Composites That Are Fit To Fly – Airbus’

Airbus Jun 05, 2024

Prized by aerospace manufacturers for their strength stiffness and durability carbon fibre composites are usually produced from fossil fuels. They can also be made from sustainable organic materials. Airbus has created an experimental helicopter panel using bio-derived fibres whose production process starts with capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

‘Toray Advanced Composites Announce Expanded Thermoplastic Composites Capability With High Heat Press – JEC – JEC Composites’

JEC Composites Apr 26, 2024

This expansion in capability advances the supply of Toray Cetex reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates for high-temperature performance applications across resin systems including PEEK PEKK and LMPAEK. The press can consolidate up to 400C. Laminates are available with woven fabric uni-directional and hybrid reinforcement configurations. Laminates made using the high-temperature presshellip

‘Biden-Harris Administration Designates Tech Hub In The Spokane Valley To Support The Demand For Advanced … – Economic Development Administration’

Economic Development Administration Oct 23, 2023

WASHINGTON DC The Biden-Harris administration through the U.S. Department of Commerces Economic Development Administration EDA today announced that the American Aerospace Materials Manufacturing Tech Hub in Spokane Washington was designated as one of the 31 inaugural Tech Hubs in regions across the country that show potential for rapid growth in key technology sectors.

‘Introducing TeXtreme® 360°: A Revolutionary Advancement In Composite Materials – JEC – JEC Composites’

JEC Composites Mar 06, 2024

Crafted with precision from ultra-thin TeXtreme Spread Tow Tapes and partially impregnated with an epoxy matrix TeXtreme 360 exemplifies advanced engineering. This groundbreaking composite material ensures superior performance positioning itself as a game-changer in the industry. Demonstrating exceptional strength stiffness and fatigue performance TeXtreme 360 emerges as a superior alternativehellip

‘Safran And Albany International Extend Strategic Cooperation On Advanced Composites – JEC – JEC Composites’

JEC Composites May 31, 2024

Albany International and Safran signed the original framework agreement in 2006 resulting in the creation of their joint venture for the development of high technology composite parts 3D woven and Resin Transfer Molded technologies designed for aircraft engines landing gears and nacelles. The 3D-woven composite technology designed and developed byhellip