‘Bi-layer CBN-based Composites Reinforced With Oxide And Non-oxide Microfibers Of Refractory Compounds | Scientific … – Nature.com’

Nature.com May 02, 2024

Research into new composites utilizing cubic boron nitride PcBN shows promise for enhancing cutting tool performance. The unique properties of these materials stem from the addition of microfibers made of refractory compounds to their structure. This study looks at developing two-layer composites based on cBN group BL reinforced with SiCw and Al2O3w microfibers. The goal is to improve tool stability when cutting hardened steels with impact loads. PcBN composite samples were made by sintering a mixture of cBN powder with bundles and microfibers under 7.7 GPa pressure. Bond material selection was based on analyzing the relationship between Poisson39s ratio 951 and plasticity parameter GB. The density Young39s modulus Poisson39s ratio and hardness of the composites were determined and the microstructure of samples with TiCN bond was studied. Tool-life tests were conducted on two-layer cutting inserts made of PcBN reinforced with SiCw and Al2O3w microfibers during the machining of hardened KhVG steel HRC 55 under impact loads at cutting speeds of 100 and 200ampnbspmmin.

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