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‘Hobie Eclipse Stand-up Pedal Board Will Have You Walking On Water’

gizmag Apr 06 12:47 am 

Not content with rescuing kayakers39 tired arms with its highly efficient pedal-propulsion system water sports specialist Hobie is now setting its sights on those who like to take to the water upright. The company39s Mirage Eclipse stand-up Pedal boards make for new kinds of aquatic adventure by allowing standing users to glide across the water simply by moving their legs up and down. .. Continue...

‘3D Printer Creates Full-color, Multiple Material Prototypes In A Single Print Run’

gizmag Apr 05 08:55 am 

The latest enterprise-grade 3D printer from Stratasys the J750 model is reportedly the first that can print objects with photorealistic color accuracy. In addition like other premium printers from the same company it can also print in multiple materials to produce parts that are hard or soft opaque or transparent for some rather impressive results. .. Continue Reading 3D printer creates ...

‘CubCrafters Helps ANN Present 2016 Sun ‘n Fun Special Event Coverage’

The Aero-News Network Apr 05 02:15 am

Sport Aviation39s STOL Champion CubCrafters Helps ANN Bring You Sun 39n Fun The Carbon Cub SS is a thoroughly modern high performance airplane that has taken the fundamentally superior design of the Piper Super Cub and reinvented it using 21st Century materials such as carbon fiber and computer-aided design technology. Superior engineering results in the Carbon Cub SS having 50 percent ...

‘Web Industries Joins Composites Research Center’

materialstoday Apr 05 04:00 am 

Web Industries Inc a provider of prepreg composite formatting technologies and services has joined the ThermoPlastic Composites Research Center TPRC based in Enschede The Netherlands.

‘Memories Of SpaceShipOne’

materialstoday Apr 05 04:45 am 

Last July as it flew past Pluto NASAtrades space probe contained a small but significant piece of space history a small carbon fiber piece of SpaceShipOne. Liz Nickels looks back at the groundbreaking composite commercial spacecraft eleven years on.

‘Highly Elastic Metallic Glass Brings Bounce To Hardened Materials’

gizmag Apr 04 09:07 pm 

Bulk metallic glasses BMGs are artificial materials that boast superior strength and hardness to conventional metals due to a jumbled arrangement at the atomic level. By tweaking this recipe just a little researchers have been able to produce a bouncy material with the highest degree of elasticity of any BMG something they say could come to form everything from new drill bits and body armor...

‘Exclusive: Boeing To Buy Directly From New 737 Aircraft Seat Maker’

Reuters via Yahoo Canada News Apr 04 03:34 pm 

Boeing Co said on Monday it had picked a new aircraft seat supplier for its most popular jet the 737 a move that industry experts said adds competition to leading seat makers Zodiac Aerospace and BE Aerospace . In response to questions from Reuters Boeing said it will buy seats directly from the new supplier LIFT by EnCore of Huntington Beach California - a break from the past practice of...

‘Global And China Carbon Fiber And CFRP Industry Report, 2016-2020’

PR Newswire Apr 04 04:39 pm 

NEW YORK April 4 2016 PRNewswire -- Carbon fiber is the new-generation reinforced fiber and made into carbon fiber composites including the most widely used CFRP by adding of resins metals ceramics concrete and other materials mainly used in the fields of aerospace automobiles...

‘Unified Weapons Master Unveils Second Generation Combat Armour’

PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance Apr 04 05:00 pm 

SYDNEY April 5 2016 PRNewswire --Unified Weapons Master UWM a new combat sport that combines advanced patented technology with traditional weapons martial arts has unveiled its Lorica Mk II the next generation of its intelligent combat armour in the company39s first official combat test event. Six international weapons martial artists battle tested the new armour during UWM39s Vital ...

‘Terahertz System Boasts Of Innovative Sensor Heads’

EE Times Asia Apr 04 05:03 pm 

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin have found a way of making cost-efficient and compact sensor heads significantly improving handling. The sensor heads that were available in the past have been expensive and unwieldy up until now.

‘Global Nanofibers Industry’

PR Newswire Apr 04 05:25 pm 

LONDON April 4 2016 PRNewswire --This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Nanofibers in US Thousand. The Global market is further analyzed by the following End-Use Segments Energy ChemicalMechanical and Others. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the...

‘The Brain, Mind, And Mindset’

Lim Kit Siang Apr 04 05:53 pm 

M. Bakri Musa 5th April 2016 A discussion on the free mind begins with clarifying three related terms brain mind and mindset. The brain is the jelly-like structure in our skull part of our central nervous system. To use the language of computers the brain is the central processing unit of our nervous system. It

‘Titan's Hidden Surface: Global Map Shows New Details’

SPACE.com via Yahoo UK & Ireland News Apr 04 02:19 pm 

Conventional photo surveys might not be able to penetrate Titan39s dense haze but the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer VIMS on board NASAtrades Cassini spacecraft is one of the few instruments that can see through it to probe the surface below. Now researchers are pulling together 12 yearstrade worth of VIMS data to create the detailed and global maps shown above. Cassini has flown past Titan...

‘Metal Foam Has Improved Heat Insulation’

materialstoday Apr 04 09:31 am 

A new study from North Carolina State University researchers in the US reports that light-weight composite metal foams CMFs could be significantly more effective at insulating against high heat than the conventional base metals and alloys they are made of.

‘Shrimp-and-egg Shells Mix Can Clean Up Oil Spill, Study Shows’

Business Mirror Apr 03 08:12 am 

A new green-reversing technology to remediate oil spills on fresh and marine waters is being explored by the Environmental and Biotechnology Division of the Department of Science and Technologytrades Industrial Technology Development Institute DOST-ITDI. Led by Emelda A. Ongo her five-member team has developed a mixture of chitosan a by product of chitin from