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‘Cutting And Stacking Creates Graphene-based Composite’

materialstoday Jul 29 01:17 am 

The process of making a stack of parallel sheets of graphene starts with a chemical vapor deposition process I to make a graphene sheet with a polycarbonate coating these layers are then stacked II folded and cut III and stacked again and pressed multiplying the number of layers.

‘Lattice Structure Absorbs Vibrations’

EurekAlert! Jul 29 05:22 am 

ETH Zurich Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a lattice structure capable of absorbing a wide range of vibrations while also being useful as a load-bearing component -- for example in propellers rotors and rockets. It can absorb vibrations in the audible range which are the most undesirable in engineering applications.

‘Plastic Decking Market Worth 4.69 Billion USD By 2021’

PR Newswire Jul 26 07:57 am 

PUNE India July 26 2016 PRNewswire -- The reportquotPlastic Decking Market by Resin Type HDPE LDPE PVC PP Composite Type Capped Uncapped Type of Construction Repairs Remodeling New Decks Existing Constructions New Constructions End-Use Residential...

‘Global Carbon Fiber Industry’

PR Newswire Jul 25 11:43 am 

NEW YORK July 25 2016 PRNewswire -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Carbon Fibers in Metric Tons. The Global market is analyzed by the by the following End-Use Application Segments Aerospace and Defense Sports Goods Industrial Applications Wind Energy Automotive...

‘Global Prepreg (Pre-impregnated Composite Fibers) Industry’

PR Newswire Jul 25 11:49 am 

NEW YORK July 25 2016 PRNewswire -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Prepreg Pre-impregnated Composite Fibers in US Million and Metric Tons by the following End-Use Segments Industrial Aerospace and Recreation. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics...

‘Borrowing From Pastry Chefs, Engineers Create Nanolayered Composites’

EurekAlert! Jul 21 11:22 am 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT researchers have found a way to efficiently create composite materials containing hundreds of layers that are just atoms thick but span the full width of the material. The discovery could lead to easy-to-manufacture composites for optical devices electronic systems and high-tech materials.

‘Boost For Brazilian Composites’

materialstoday Jul 21 09:00 am 

Gilmar Lima president of the Latin American Composite Materials Association ALMACO has left the executive board of MVC allowing him dedicate more time to ALMACO.

‘Navy Grant Fuels Efforts To Improve Safety, Reduce Manufacturing Costs Of Aircraft Parts’

EurekAlert! Jul 19 01:22 pm 

University of Texas at Arlington Andrew Makeev a professor of aerospace engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington will use a 181000 grant from the Office of Naval Research to purchase an ARES-G2 integrated axial-torsional platform that will allow his team to better understand material properties including defect formation in composites as a function of manufacturing process ...

‘Ford Is Teaming Up With Jose Cuervo To Make Car Parts From Agave’

Mediaweek Jul 19 08:02 am 

Environmentally conscious auto manufacturing just got a shot in the armor rather a shot of tequila. Ford and Jose Cuervo are teaming up to turn agave plant byproduct from tequila into plastic cup holders fuse boxes and wiring for Ford cars and trucks. The project is part of Ford39s FarmtoCar campaign an initiative that aims to replace petroleum-based plastics with plant-based materials in ...

‘Happy 100th Birthday, Boeing: This Is Your Life’

Wired News Jul 15 10:27 am 

The world39s largest aerospace company is 100 years old. Over the last century its planes have transformed our world and the way we move around it. The post Happy 100th Birthday Boeing This Is Your Life appeared first on WIRED .

‘August Webinar Covers Composites In Architecture’

materialstoday Jul 15 11:15 am 

Composites Australia is running a webinar during which Australian architects engineers and composite manufacturers will discuss major projects and explore how to realize the potential of composites in design and architecture.

‘Small Packages, Good Things: New Pocket Cruisers’

Soundings Jul 14 12:46 pm 

Boaters for years have turned to the pocket cruiser to fulfill their dreams of spending time on board. These boats typically range from about 24 to 30 feet and their enclosed deckhouses neatly pack everything needed for coastal cruising including air conditioning and heat.