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‘Kennewick Company Picked For DOE Pilot Program’

Tri-City Herald Mar 27 10:04 pm 

PNNL to help Percheron Power through Small Business Voucher program Company is one of 33 picked from more than 400 applications It is developing a better hydro turbine to make electricity in canals Click to Continue

‘Working Toward 'Seamless' Infrared Maps Of Titan’

SpaceDaily Mar 27 07:42 pm 

Producing a seamless global map of Titan is a challenging task because observing conditions can vary greatly between each flyby. Among these variations are changes in the angle of the sun with respect to the surface and in the spacecraft39s viewing direction.

‘Tech Analysis: The Key Safety Advances That Saved Alonso's Life’

Motorsport.com Mar 27 03:12 am 

Formula 139s omnipresent pursuit of safety usually remains under the radar and it is only on occasions like we witnessed in Melbourne that it is bought into sharp focus just how far F1 has come in the field of protecting its drivers. A huge amount of research and development goes into understanding how to dissipate the energy created when bodies collide. ... Keep reading

‘New Material To Detect Fuel Leaks, Explosives’

The Times of India Mar 27 02:54 am 

Scientists have developed a new type of fibre material for a handheld scanner that can detect leaks in oil pipelines and planes or locate fuel-based explosives. Alkane fuel is a key ingredient in combustible material such as gasoline airplane fuel oil - even a homemade bomb.

‘Now You Can Detect Dangerous Vapour’

New Kerala Mar 27 12:34 am 

Washington D.C. Mar. 27 The engineers in University of Utah have developed a new type of fiber material for a handheld scanner which can detect small traces of alkane fuel vapor a valuable advancement that could be an early-warning signal for leaks in an oil pipeline an airliner or for locating a terrorist39s explosive.

‘Sniffing Out A Dangerous Vapor’

EurekAlert! Mar 25 12:48 pm 

University of Utah University of Utah engineers have developed a new type of fiber material for a handheld scanner that can detect small traces of alkane fuel vapor a valuable advancement that could be an early-warning signal for leaks in an oil pipeline an airliner or for locating a terrorist39s explosive.

‘The First 3-D Atlas Of The Extinct Dodo’

EurekAlert! Mar 25 06:26 am 

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology For the first time since its extinction a 3-D atlas of the skeletal anatomy of the dodo has been created based upon two exceptional dodo skeletons that have remained unstudied for over a century. This atlas published as the fifteenth Memoir of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology represents the culmination of nearly five years of work and thousands of...

‘Working Towards 'seamless' Infrared Maps Of Titan’

New Kerala Mar 25 03:34 am 

Washington Mar 25 Each of these two montages shows four synthetic views of Titan created using data acquired by the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer VIMS on board NASA39s Cassini spacecraft between 2004 and 2015.

‘Design The Perfect Deck: 5 Must-ask Questions Before You Start’

Journal Inquirer Mar 25 01:55 am 

BPT - A backyard should be enjoyed to its fullest extent. But all too often homes lack enticing outdoor living areas. One way to give your outdoor space a retreat is to add a new deck. A well-designed deck can extend your living space make your yard more functional and best of all provide a comfortable space for family and friends to enjoy the great outdoors.

‘Logistec Corporation Announces Transaction With Minority Shareholders Of Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.’

PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance Mar 24 04:35 pm 

MONTRAL March 24 2016 CNW Telbec -Logistec Corporation TSXLGT.A LGT.B a marine and environmental services provider today announced that it has completed a transaction with the minority shareholders of Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. quotSanexenquot a subsidiary of Logistec to acquire the remaining 29.8 equity interest that it does not already own in Sanexen for an aggregate price ...

‘Future Skyscrapers Will Be Glued Together’

Geek.com Mar 24 09:13 am 

The hammer and nail have become antiquated. The skyscrapers and the monuments of the future will be held together with glue. As reporter Geoff Manaugh outlines in his article for New Scientist the

‘Continuous-fiber Composite Provides Localized Reinforcement In Van Battery Console’

PlasticsToday.com Mar 23 11:06 pm 

March 24 2016 Stephen Moore Automotive and Mobility A German car manufacturer was looking for a solution to locally reinforce a battery box molded from a DLFT direct long glass fiber thermoplastic polypropylene PP compression molding compound. Crash test requirements stipulated that a 29-kilogram battery was not allowed to break through the wall... Compounding Injection Molding Materials

‘Top Stories’

Plastics and Rubber Weekly Mar 23 10:14 am 

Gary Leeke who is based at the department of chemical engineering at the University of Birmingham will be racing his canoe 125 miles in the International Canoe Race with his teammate Professor Liam Grover.

‘Metallocene Catalysis Could Revolutionize Carbon Fiber Composites’

PlasticsToday.com Mar 23 03:51 am 

March 23 2016 Stephen Moore Automotive and Mobility When the inventor of metallocene catalysts Professor Walter Kaminsky talks enthusiastically about the latest groundbreaking development in the field people tend to sit up and take notice. This was indeed the case at a polyolefins conference held in Bali Indonesia earlier this month where he... Compounding Injection Molding Materials

‘Haydale Develops New Graphene Reinforced Prepregs’

materialstoday Mar 23 04:45 am 

Haydale Composite Solutions has launched three new graphene enhanced carbon fiber prepregs in collaboration with SHD Composite Materials Ltd using epoxy resins from Huntsman Advanced Materials.