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‘New Air Force Bomber To Be Named The Raider’

Nasdaq Sep 19 09:25 am 

The Raider is eventually expected to be equipped with nuclear weapons and Ms. James has said the program budget should be included alongside a new Navy ballistic-missile submarine in a special ...

‘Ahrma Launches Revolutionary Smart Pallet’

PR Newswire Sep 15 07:56 pm 

Ahrma combines new innovative materials with The Internet of Things using state-of-the-art intelligence and well managed pool and rental services...a technique of spraying the PU-Coating ...

‘Data Not Hype. Fiberglass Feet Outperform Carbon Feet’

PR Newswire via Yahoo Finance Sep 16 02:00 am 

Kaufman PhD PE of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. recently conducted two comprehensive studies to quantify the mechanical properties and overall patient satisfaction between carbon fiber ...