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‘Ahrma Launches Revolutionary Smart Pallet’

PR Newswire Sep 15 07:56 pm 

Ahrma combines new innovative materials with The Internet of Things using state-of-the-art intelligence and well managed pool and rental services...a technique of spraying the PU-Coating ...

‘Data Not Hype. Fiberglass Feet Outperform Carbon Feet’

PR Newswire via Yahoo Finance Sep 16 02:00 am 

Kaufman PhD PE of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. recently conducted two comprehensive studies to quantify the mechanical properties and overall patient satisfaction between carbon fiber ...

‘Concrete's Moment Of Reckoning’

Architect Magazine Sep 08 06:18 am 

Watershed Materials in Napa Calif. makes an alternative concrete masonry unit with geopolymers derived from natural minerals reducing the...also exhibits 1.5 to 2 times the tensile ...