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‘Composite Materials Maneuver’

Aerospace Testing International 1November 4, 2019

Website FIBROTEK ADVANCED MATERIALS. Design and manufacture of composite parts molds and tools.

‘The Mantis Shrimp Changing Composites’

KESQ October 31, 2019

In other words if you can make your composite thinner for an airplane then your aircraft will be lighter. The lighter material will help save fuel ...

‘Aquatic Drone Saving Lives Worldwide’

Composites Manufacturing Magazine October 25, 2019

When a family of four was recently caught in a current off Rockaway Beach Ore. an aquatic drone made from advanced composite materials ...

‘Enabling Exploration’

Composites Manufacturing Magazine October 25, 2019

With some assistance from composite materials today39s adventurers are traveling even farther into the unknown. Explorers in earlier centuries ...