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Global Construction Stone Market 2016-2020

PR Newswire Feb 02 01:53 pm 

NEW YORK Feb. 2 2016 PRNewswire -- About Construction StoneBroadly construction stones are of two types- Construction aggregates- Natural stonesConstruction aggregatesConstruction aggregate is a coarse particulate material used in construction activities. It includes sand gravel...

World's Leading Vertically Aligned Carbon NanoTube Company Exhibiting At JEC WORLD 2016 In Paris

Marketwire Feb 02 07:52 am 

CAMBRIDGE MA --Marketwired - February 02 2016 - N12 Technologies Inc. a Cambridge MA-based nanotechnology company is the world39s first mass producer of industrialized continuous Vertically Aligned Carbon Nano Tubes VACNTs. The Company will exhibit its patented Z-axis mechanical enhancement product NanoStitchT as well as its multifunctional product line at JEC WORLD 2016 in Paris ...

The Hovervault Fire-resistant Bag May Save Your Home If Your Hoverboard Explodes

Digital Trends Feb 02 02:59 am 

We wondered how long it39d take for a company to respond to the issue of exploding hoverboards. First up is an Australian firm with its quotHovervaultquot fire-resistant bag designed to prevent flames taking hold should your board suddenly combust. The post The Hovervault fire-resistant bag may save your home if your hoverboard explodes appeared first on Digital Trends .

Newest Airliner Heading For Auckland

The New Zealand Herald Feb 01 06:57 pm 

Cathay Pacific is on track to be the first airline to fly the world39s newest widebody aircraft on scheduled services to New Zealand.The airline says the Airbus A350XWB will start flying between Hong Kong and Auckland later this...

Hovervault Wraps Hoverboards In A Fire-resistant Bag

gizmag Feb 01 01:04 pm 

Homescreen Media of Australia has introduced a fire-resistant bag called the Hovervault to help prevent property damage from battery fires that might occur during the charging transporting and storing of hoverboards. Made of fiberglass composite materials the Hovervault is designed to contain a fire in the event of a malfunctioning hoverboard battery. .. Continue Reading Hovervault wraps ...

A Fire-Resistant Bag Is A Non-Solution To The Exploding Hoverboard Problem

Gizmodo Feb 01 02:47 pm 

An Australian company believes it has come up with a way to finally make hoverboards safe aor at least safer. But instead of addressing the issue of faulty batteries and shoddy electronics itatrades instead created a bag that it claims will safely contain your hoverboardatrades inevitable meltdown . Read more...

The Rise Of Aluminum Composite

ThomasNet Jan 26 06:22 am 

In 1969 Alusingen and BASF invented Aluminum Composite Material or ACM. Their invention produced beneficial results and soon came into the view of Alusuisse which was quick to nab it. At that time Alusingen had patented the process to create Aluminum Composite Material. The patent prevented any other company to...

3D Printing Composites With Ultrasonic Waves

materialstoday Jan 26 04:25 am 

The research team have developed the first demonstration of 3D printing of composite materials. Image courtesy Matt Sutton Tom Llewellyn-Jones and Bruce Drinkwater.

Composite Materials Market To Grow At 12.94% CAGR To 2020

PR Newswire Jan 26 06:26 pm 

PUNE India January 27 2016 PRNewswire -- The composite materials market size is projected to grow at a promising CAGR of 12.94 during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020 to reach USD 11.26 billion by 2020. Composite materials are the future of the automotive industry. CFRP is the...

LECTRA: Lectra Releases DiaminoFurniture V6R2

GlobeNewswire via Yahoo! Finance Jan 26 08:54 am 

PARIS -- Lectra the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials-fabrics leather technical textiles and composite materials-is pleased to announce DiaminoFurniture ...

Composite Materials Printed With Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing System

the Engineer Jan 20 01:38 am 

Engineers at Bristol University have developed an ultrasonic additive manufacturing system that prints composite materials in 3D. According to the university the technology will soon enable a much greater range of items to be 3D printed at home on a small budget. The study published in Smart Materials and Structures creates and demonstrates a novel a

LECTRA: New Twins Chooses Lectra Fashion PLM

GlobeNewswire via Yahoo! Finance Jan 19 09:05 am 

PARIS -- Lectra the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials-fabrics leather technical textiles and composite materials-is pleased to announce that ...