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‘Air Transportation: China And The French Connection’

Strategy Page<span style="color: #757575 !important;" class="tri fc 22 hours ago

In January 2018 China introduced an army version of their Z-18 naval helicopter called the Z-18A China has been working on this particular design since the 1980s when China began producing ...


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‘SGL Group Develops New High-performance Carbon Fiber’

CompositesWorld 1February 26, 2018

8220With the new SIGRAFIL 50k carbon fiber we can now offer aerospace industry customers attractive material solutions for various component classes8221 says Andreas Erber head of the aerospace segment in the composites 8211 fibers and materials business unit of SGL Group. At JEC World in Paris fromnbsp...

‘ESA Partners With Renewable Fiber Company Bcomp To Test Natural …’

CompositesWorld February 26, 2018

European Space Agency to test natural-fiber composite materials for use in more environmentally friendly satellites. ... Renewable fiber composites company Bcomp Fribourg Switzerland announced Feb 26. it has signed a 2-year contract with the European Space Agency ESA to participate in the ESAnbsp...

‘Potential In Date Palm Fibres’

Inside Composites (press release) 1February 26, 2018

The study looked at the structure physio-chemical and mechanical properties of date palm fibres to assess whether they had the potential as reinforcements for composite materials. It found they could be cost-effective and environmentally-friendly reinforcements for better impact resistance and improvednbsp...

‘Here's One Student's Experience With The Highs And Lows Of …’

University of Virginia February 26, 2018

Immersed in her research into ceramic matrix composite materials Madeline Morales went looking for one thing and found another. Morales a fourth-year engineering science major with a concentration in materials science and engineering at the University of Virginia39s School of Engineering and Appliednbsp...

‘New Report Provides 2011-2018 Overview Of Global Aerospace …’

Tokenfolks (press release) February 22, 2018

8220This report is a professional account which gives thorough knowledge along with complete details pertaining to Global Aerospace Composite Materials Market. The research experts have evaluated the general sales of Global Aerospace Composite Materials Market and its revenue generation.

‘Ultra High Temperature Composite Materials Market Growth …’

The Financial February 23, 2018

Ultra High Temperature Composite Materials Market Report is projected to provide a robust support for industry players to lay a solid foundation for their growth. Ultra High Temperature Composite Materials Market Report includes a comprehensive evaluation of the Market39s growth prospects and ...

‘Composite Material Part Workshop Installs Two Cranes’

Hoist 2February 23, 2018

By using cost-efficient composite components such as carbon fibre Multiplast can build boat hulls or parts and components in any shape and ... The two cranes and four hoists are used together or separately to move or turn over parts made of composite materials8212often with relatively low weight but with ...

‘Researchers Use Plant Fibres To Develop Green Options For Transport …’

Phys.Org 1February 23, 2018

Dr. Hom Nath Dhakal who leads the research group said quotThe sustainable composite materials are produced from flax hemp jute and waste biomass date palm fibres to develop parts like car bumpers and door linings8212mainly for non-structural components. The team is also working towards making them ...

‘Global Aerospace Composite Materials Market Research Report With …’

NB Post Gazette February 22, 2018

Questale released a detailed assessment of trends in Global Aerospace Composite Materials market. The research report includes diverse topics like total market size key market drivers challenges growth opportunities key players etc. We have also covered key market updates the impact of regulations ...

‘Wind Turbine Composite Materials Market Trends & Forecast To …’

The Financial 1February 22, 2018

Wind Turbine Composite Materials Market Report provides current scenario opportunities restraints drivers and the growth forecasts of the market for 2018-2022. The Wind Turbine Composite Materials industry report firstly announced the Wind Turbine Composite Materials Market fundamentals ...

‘VIDEO: Helicopter Installs Composite Pylons’

Windpower Monthly 1February 22, 2018

VIDEO Helicopter installs composite pylons ... The 140 pylons are made from a quotdurable composite polymerquot instead of traditional timber or using the steel lattice towers. They also ... quotThe use of composite materials means they have a stronger strengthweight ratio than the traditional wood pole alternative.

‘Advantages Of Adhesive Bonding For Composite Materials’

ENGINEERING.com 1February 22, 2018

Bonding composite materials is a complex problem since lighter composite materials similar to thinner gauges of sheet metal will often suffer unacceptable levels of damage when subjected to welding or through-part fastening techniques. These processes also tend to be labor intensive and can easily be ...

‘Global Composite Insulating Panel Sales Market Research Report …’

NB Post Gazette February 21, 2018

You will get details about the production of Global Composite Insulating Panel Sales materials in a million USD along with their consumption and revenue figures. Also get details about the growth rate of composite materials in the and the market share of different segments thereof. The report covers ...

‘Composite Materials For Automotive Market, With Future Outlook …’

The Financial February 21, 2018

Composite Materials for Automotive Market Report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to a SWOT analysis of the key vendors. Composite Materials for Automotive Industry Report covers the present scenario of key drivers challenges and Opportunities with its impact by ...

‘Growth In Composite Technology Drives Change At CMT’

PR Newswire (press release) February 20, 2018

AMCs are an advanced class of composite materials offering significant weight and performance benefits over unreinforced metals. As conventional materials approach their performance limits AMCs are attracting attention from a wide variety of different industries including automotive aerospace ...

‘VSSUT Course On Composite Materials’

The New Indian Express February 20, 2018

Due to growing spectra of engineering applications there is a strong demand for superior and newer materials. Thus a good understanding of various new methodologies and technological aspects of manufacturing and machining of advanced composite materials are essential for academicians and ...

‘Composite Adhesives Market Size To Expand Significantly By The …’

Digital Journal February 19, 2018

Composites meet these requirements. The use of composites in the aerospace industry dates back to several years. Moreover the growing number of innovations in composite materials to reduce their weight is expected to propel the demand for composites in this industry thereby accelerating the demand ...

‘Aerospace Composite Materials Market Research 2018: Regional …’

The Financial February 19, 2018

The 8220Aerospace Composite Materials Market Report8221 gives a clear understanding of the current market situation which includes information on major players like manufacturers suppliers distributors traders customers investors and projected upcoming market size based on technological growth value ...

‘New Ford Ranger Raptor Features Composite Fenders’

Composites Manufacturing Magazine 2February 19, 2018

Composites are featured most prominently in the front fender. From the fat fenders to the upgraded suspension the Ranger Raptor looks just like a small-scale F-150 Raptor. 8220Using composite materials the front fenders not only look tough but resist dents and dings often associated with off-road usage.

‘Using Dielectric Cure Monitoring To Accelerate Composites Production’

AZoM 1February 19, 2018

Firms dealing with advanced composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforced pre-preg have the chance to optimize their research and development and quality controlquality assurance functions while helping to ensure the reliability of finished components at the same time. Instead of ...

‘Durable And Washable Composite Material From Antibacterial …’

AZoNano February 19, 2018

In association with universities in China material scientists at The University of Manchester have developed a 39durable and washable concrete-like39 composite material which is fabricated from antibacterial copper nanoparticles. The team also came up with a novel way to bind the composite to wearable ...